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E Liquid Mixing Calculator

You can use this e liquid calculator to calculate the exact quantities of ingredients needed for your e liquid recipe. Simply enter the required figures, click calculate and the mixing measurements will be instantly calculated, showing in the table beneath the calculator form.

Strength of base nicotine liquid
Enter the strength of your base liquid. For example E Liquid Labs Elixir is 54mg.
Final Strength
Enter the final strength that you want your mixed e liquid to be. For example low is 8mg, high is 24mg.
% of Flavour concentrate
The average is between 5% and 10%, but it depends on personal taste preference.
Number of drops per ml
There are on average 20 drops in 1ml, but droppers vary, so check yours. You only need to know this if measuring in drops, when making small quantities.
Other diluents (VG, AG, Alcohol)
This can be left at 0 unless you intend to use an extra diluent. We recommend 20% AG.
Final quantity

Enter the final quantity, in other words, how much e liquid you want to make.

Accuracy (decimal places)

Leave this at 0 decimal place unless you are able to take more accurate measurements.

After clicking the "calculate" button below, scroll down or click here to view results.

Calculated Mixing Measurements

drops (for making small quantities)
Base nicotine liquid
Primary diluent (PG or VG)
Flavour Concentrate
Other diluent
Scroll back up or click here to do another calculation.
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E Mixing Calculator